2017…A new year has started…I’m having a hard time getting myself going!

I have been thinking of all the things and ideas I would like to do this year…hopefully these ideas will help improve my life as well as my family!

I have worked on meal planning today! I got all of January figured out…happy dance and a pat on my back! Tomorrow after work, I will be working on grocery lists for these meals. I hope I can keep this up the whole year!

The husband and I have talked about painting some different colors in the house. We are also talking about redoing the laundry room. I’m really excited about all this, especially the laundry room, it has needed updates since we moved in five years ago! I also have so many ideas for other decorating and redoing other areas in the house. I have decided that I need to make goals for each month. If I don’t get all of them done in said month, I will move them to the next month at the top of the list. I will try to keep everything updated on here so you can see how I progress. 

Other areas I hope to make progress in are reading more books than last year. I realize I was busy with real life but holy moly I really slacked in this area! My MAIN area to progress in is to spend more time with my family! Sometimes I feel like I don’t get enough time with the kids or husband. Which is totally unfair to them! 

So here’s to a NEW YEAR with HOPE and DREAMS! Good luck to every one of you and I hope you have a successful year!


Easter Weekend 

I have today and Monday off, earlier this week I was extremely excited about this… But my 1year old is sick. 🙁 I hope she gets better fast! I am pushing fluids since she seems to be having a hard time keeping anything down. My son for right now seems to be doing good. Yesterday I was a little worried that he was getting sick. He had a headache which is unusual for him. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with family and friends! We plan on doing eggs for the kids, plastic and real. My son loves getting to color them. This year instead of buying dye I have decided to look online to see if I can find a way to make my own dye. What do you all do?

We are also having ham steaks for our entrée this Easter. I will be making deviled eggs with the dyed eggs the kids hunt!  Adding some mashed potatoes and corn to round out the meal. What are you having?

Thanksgiving 2015

WOW! I have not posted anything in a long time. I hope everyone is doing well!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful one with family that we hadn’t been able to see in a long time. It has been about nine years since we had been able to make a trip to Fort Scott, KS.

This trip was actually a success for us. Both children were really great, neither one had any problems with the trip. I must let you know that my son is 14 years old and has Autism. My daughter is 8 months old. We were in the car for 4 to 5 hours there so I was really proud of them. The trip back home was even longer as we had to drive in sleet and icy roads.

It was a wonderful time with the family! Of course, after all the years I had to hope I had everyones name right!  A lot of the family was impressed with how far along my son was and that being around everyone was actually a good thing for him.  He can really be quite the little social bug if you let him! I am really looking forward to going next year. Just hope the weather is better!

Life in the Road of Reading!

Last month we welcomed a little girl into the world.  Life has sure been busy with her around!  I just looked at my account on Goodreads and noticed that I had only read two books for the month of March!  Wow!  That is a very low for me considering I can usually try to read anywhere from 5 to 10 books a month! Hopefully I will be able to get back on pace again one of these days, it may be a few months from now but we’ll see!

I do have a few books to add though that I have read this year and I will list them now.

Murder with Puffins (Meg Langslow #2) by Donna Andrews…4 Stars

Murder on a Bad Hair Day (Southern Sister Mystery #2) by Anne George…4 Stars

Termination Dust (Alex Jensen/Jessie Arnold #2) by Sue Henry…4 Stars

Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse #5) by Charlaine Harris…5 Stars

Assaulted Pretzel (An Amish Mystery #2) by Laura Bradford…4 Stars

Sleight of Paw by Sofie Kelly…4 Stars


Welcome 2015!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2014 and that next year is just as good! I will be trying to read as much as I can squeeze in. What are your New Year’s resolutions? I have a few…1. To be a better parent and wife…2. To stick with meal planning (for some reason this is hard for me! LOL! :)…3. To be better organized with everything in my life…4. To start cross stitching again…5. Just to enjoy life!

Happy Reading!