Easy Chip Dip

2 (15 oz. ) Rico’s Queso Cheese Sauce

2 (10 oz. ) Rotel, you choose the right spicy for yourself 

1 lb. sausage, cooked

Cook sausage; drain. Add cheese sauce and Rotel. Heat until warm. Serve with tortilla chips.



MONDAY: Enchiladas / Refried Beans

TUESDAY: BBQ Meatballs / Boiled Potatoes / Corn / Bread and Butter

WEDNESDAY: Patty Melt / Fried Potatoes 

THURSDAY: Biscuits and Gravy 

FRIDAY: Leftovers 

SATURDAY: Autumn Soup / Saltine Crackers 

SUNDAY:  BREAKFAST:  Egg and Biscuit Sandwich / Hash Browns / Bacon     SUPPER: Mexican Casserole 

Easy Vegetable Soup


1 lb. ground beef

1 onion

1 (28oz.) diced tomatoes, undrained

1 (16oz.) frozen vegetables

1 (16oz.) kidney beans, undrained

1 (14 1/2 oz.) beef broth

1 envelope taco seasoning

1 garlic clove


Cook ground beef and onions; drain. Add remaining ingredients. Heat to a boil. Reduce heat, simmer uncovered, for 10 minutes.

Busy Day Beef Tips

This is AMAZING! It is the most delicious beef tips I have had in a long time. The crockpot does all the work!

2 lbs. stew meat

1 (10-3/4 oz. ) cream of celery soup, undiluted 

1/2 soup can water

1 (10-3/4 oz. ) cream of chicken soup, undiluted 

1 package onion soup mix

Spray crockpot with cooking spray. 

Put beef in bottom of crockpot; top with onion soup mix. Combine the soups with the water in a bowl. Pour on top of beef. Cook on LOW for 6 hours or until meat is tender. 

Serve over hot cooked rice. 



1 lb. ground beef

3/4 c. Onion

1/2 tsp. Salt

1/2 tsp. Garlic powder

1 (14 oz.) beef broth

1 (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes, undrained

2 c  frozen mixed vegetables

1-1/2 c  instant brown rice, uncooked

Place beef, onion, salt and garlic powder in skillet; cook.  Drain. Add all remaining ingredients to skillet. Stir to combine. Bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to medium  low. Cook 10 minutes or until rice is tender.

Meal Menus for April 3-April 9 2016

I usually plan meals out for my family. It saves myself time at the store plus I don’t have to always ask myself “what’s for dinner”! Sometimes I have a specific order I do them in and other times I look at the list and see what sounds good after a long day at work.

Here is this weeks:

Spaghetti/Garlic Bread/ Green Beans/ Salad

Chili Cheese Dogs/ Macaroni and Cheese

Easy Vegetable Soup

Chicken Rice-a-Roni/Cajun Cornbread


Beef Quesadillas/Salad

Meatloaf/ Mashed Potatoes with Brown Gravy/ Peas

Happy eating!!



South of the Border Bake

1-1/2 lbs. ground beef 

2 Tbsp. Chili powder 

1 onion, diced 

1 pkg. enchilada mix

1 pkg. taco sauce mix

1 (8 oz. ) tomato sauce 

1 (10-3/4 oz.) cheddar cheese soup, undiluted 

1 (10-3/4 oz.) cream of mushroom soup, undiluted 

1 pkg. flour tortillas 

1 c. Cheddar cheese 

Sour cream

***Preheat oven to 400***

Cook beef and onion with chili powder; drain. Add sauce mixes and tomato sauce; stir well. Add cheddar cheese soup and mushroom soup. Stir often and cook over low heat until mixture starts to boil. In greased baking dish, put a layer of tortillas in bottom of pan. Pour half of meat mixture over tortillas. Put another layer of tortillas then remaining meat mixture. Top with cheddar cheese. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Serve with sour cream. 

Roasted Parmesan Potato Wedges 

2 lbs. potatoes 

2 tsp. Vegetable oil 

1/2 c. Parmesan cheese 

1 tsp. Basil

1 tsp. Seasoned salt 

1/4 tsp. Onion powder 

1/4 tsp. Garlic powder 

1/4 tsp. Pepper

***Preheat oven to 350***

Cut potatoes into wedges. Put potatoes in ziplock bag; add oil. Move potatoes around in bag to get oil on all the potatoes. Combine remaining ingredients; toss in bag and move potatoes around again. Put on a greased cookie sheet in single layer. Bake 45-50 minutes. 

Cheeseburger Cups 

1lb. Ground beef 

1/2 c. Ketchup 

2 Tbsp. Brown sugar 

1 Tbsp. Mustard 

1-1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 

1 tube (12 oz. ) Buttermilk biscuits 

1/2 c. Velveeta, cut into cubes 

***Preheat oven to 400***

Cook beef; drain. Stir in ketchup, brown sugar, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Press each biscuit into the bottom and up sides of a greased muffin cup. Spoon beef mixture into cups. Top with cheese cubes. Bake for 14-16 minutes or until golden brown. 

Easter Weekend 

I have today and Monday off, earlier this week I was extremely excited about this… But my 1year old is sick. 🙁 I hope she gets better fast! I am pushing fluids since she seems to be having a hard time keeping anything down. My son for right now seems to be doing good. Yesterday I was a little worried that he was getting sick. He had a headache which is unusual for him. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with family and friends! We plan on doing eggs for the kids, plastic and real. My son loves getting to color them. This year instead of buying dye I have decided to look online to see if I can find a way to make my own dye. What do you all do?

We are also having ham steaks for our entrée this Easter. I will be making deviled eggs with the dyed eggs the kids hunt!  Adding some mashed potatoes and corn to round out the meal. What are you having?