Dead in the Pumpkin Patch by Connie Feddersen 

With her due date only two weeks away, Amanda is ready to do nothing more strenuous than decorate for Vamoose’s annual Festival of the Pumpkin. Nettie Jarvis has promised the mom-to-be all the pumpkins she can haul away. But when Amanda heads for Nettie’s homestead, she finds the old woman sprawled in the pumpkin patch. 

Though her Chief of Police husband warns her not to get involved, Amanda vows to unmask the ghoul who murdered the town’s biggest gossip. And when Nettie’s ghost is seen haunting the Patch, people begin to get edgy. The more things go bump in the night, the more Amanda knows she has a tricky one on her hands, and she’d better find the killer before the killer finds her…

My thoughts:  I enjoyed the books! This whole series was wonderful to me. The characters have grown so much…from the first meeting of Amanda Hazard and office Thorn in the first book , the fights and bickering between the two through the series, till now  Amanda and Thorn are getting ready to have a baby! Exciting ending in that front. Amanda being the Pumpkin Queen…from her outfit to her hair…why does she visit Velma? Her hair always ends in mess. Oh right for the gossip on the victim or suspect! Who will Amanda upset in this one or will she solve the crime and who done it before they do her in? Read it to find out!


Reading Challenge 2016

I got started on my reading challenge for this year. My goal this year is 60 books!  That is ten more than last year…which I did not make it too! My first book was Snow White Red-Handed by Maia Chance. I am on my second one which is A Wee Murder in My Shop by Fran Stewart. 

What is your goal for this year?

Happy reading!


I got some new books last night! I can’t wait to read them!

  Twisted Threads (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery #1) by Lea Wait

  Peaches and Screams (A Georgia Peach Mystery #1) by Susan Furlong
  A Wee Murder in My Shop (A Scotshop Mystery #1) by Fran Stewart

These are all new authors for me so that makes it even more exciting!

What have you purchased recently to read?


Biggie and the Mangled Mortician by Nancy bell

On back of book: this time out, as a 12-year-old grandson J.R. narrates, the grande dame of the East Texas town of Job’s Crossing definitely has her hands full. She’s directing and starring in a local production of HMS Pinafore, but just before the first rehearsal, cast member and new town  mortician Monk Carter suddenly takes his final bow. The cause of death is chalked up to either a heart attack or epileptic seizure, although Doc Hooper’s examination shows that the undertake’s ribs were powerfully crushed. Suspects are few and far between, but there’s no stopping Biggie,with JR at her side, as they attempt to bring down the curtain on a crafty killer.Edit

My thoughts: This is book #2 in the Biggie Weatherford series. I really enjoy that these stories are told by J.R. It is funny that children pay attention a lot more than some adults like to admit.  Plus to me just the change from the normal is good. I have laughed more in this series than others, which is hard to believe since it is still early in the series. I will definitely be reading more!  I do question that everyone seems to think Biggie is in charge of everything. I find it hard that people would expect her to solve the crimes. Even the cop expected her too, that just doesn’t happen in real life.  But with all the humor, I think I can handle the next book!

Till next time…keep reading!

Goose in the Pond by Earlene Fowler

On the back of book:  Hoping to relax after solving a murder in Wichita, Kansas, Benni and her new husband Gabe Ortiz are back in San Celina, California, But while Benni is jogging in the park, she happens upon the dead body of a library storyteller.  It’s an odd and disturbing scene-the woman is still dressed in her Mother Goose costume, lying face down in the lake.  

Benni’s investigation takes her inside the Storyteller’s Guild,. where she finds out that Mother Goose was telling more than fairy tales.  She was capable of airing the kind of secrets that destroy lives-and inspire revenge…

My thoughts: 

Benni and Gabe’s relationship was kind of put to the test in this book.  With so many uninvited house guests.  Dove is always funny and upbeat. Some of the things that come out of her mouth are so funny and such wisecracking!  Dove and her sister are having what I feel is a unique fight.  What are the true intentions of Gabe’s son, Sam? Is he being honest to Benni and Gabe? Will the father and son ever make amends?  I sure hope the father/son relationshiip works out. Who killed Mother Goose? A storyteller or someone else in her life?  So many suspects with motives, who did it for sure?  The ending kind of blew my mind.  I can’t wait to read the next book.  I am interested in see what other problems Benni and Gabe run into and to see how their marriage fairs!

I gave this book 4 STARS on Goodreads.


Life in the Road of Reading!

Last month we welcomed a little girl into the world.  Life has sure been busy with her around!  I just looked at my account on Goodreads and noticed that I had only read two books for the month of March!  Wow!  That is a very low for me considering I can usually try to read anywhere from 5 to 10 books a month! Hopefully I will be able to get back on pace again one of these days, it may be a few months from now but we’ll see!

I do have a few books to add though that I have read this year and I will list them now.

Murder with Puffins (Meg Langslow #2) by Donna Andrews…4 Stars

Murder on a Bad Hair Day (Southern Sister Mystery #2) by Anne George…4 Stars

Termination Dust (Alex Jensen/Jessie Arnold #2) by Sue Henry…4 Stars

Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse #5) by Charlaine Harris…5 Stars

Assaulted Pretzel (An Amish Mystery #2) by Laura Bradford…4 Stars

Sleight of Paw by Sofie Kelly…4 Stars


Books and Some Websites I LOVE!

So far this year I have read three books! A little slower paced than normal for me but it is a start no less!

Dead in the Driver’s Seat by Connie Feddersen

A Deal to Die For by Josie Belle

Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford

Some of the websites that I have fallen in LOVE with are… Killer Characters, Mystery Lover’s Kitchen, A Cozy Girl Reads, Lisa KS Book Reviews, and Chatting About Cozies.

These are just some of the cozy websites I enjoy looking at! Most of the time these are my main ones to check every day!

Do you have favorite cozy mystery sites that you check out everyday? If so, what are the names of them?

Until next time…HAPPY READING!  🙂

Red Velvet Revenge by Jenn McKinlay

It may be summertime, but sales at Fairy Tale Cupcakes are below zero-and owners Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are willing to try anything to heat things up. So when local legend Slim Hazard offers them the chance to sell cupcakes at the annual Juniper Pass Rodeo, they’re determined to rope in a pretty payday! But not everyone at Juniper Pass is as sweet for Fairy Tale Cupcakes as Slim-including star bull-rider Ty Stokes.  Mel and Angie try to steer clear of the cowboy’s short fuse, but when his dead body is found face down in the hay , it’s a whole different rodeo.  With vengeful murderer on the loose, the ladies are quickly realizing that while they came to save their business, they may have to save themselves-and that’s no bull.


Cupcakes and Rodeos? Will they be a good mix? Will Tate and Angie figure out that each of them is in love with each other?  The crew heads to the rodeo in a decked out van to sell cupcakes and to save the business. The girls make a bet with guys next to them that are selling brisket and are mocking the girls about their cupcakes. Who will win? A snotty bull-rider, Ty Stokes, gives Mel heck for running into him. Mel feels the only way to make it up to him is to take him some cupcakes.  Angie and Mel head to the bull pens to find him.  When they do find him, he is dead! Did a bull do it or was it murder? There are a few suspects…Ty wanted part ownership of rodeo. Slim said no. Then Slim’s daughter, Shelby go in the middle of it. Did one of them do the nasty deed of killing Ty? Shelby, thinks she is hot stuff. She is all of a sudden against the rodeo, only because it is the “Hollywood thing to do”.  She wants to make a big name for herself.  Did she kill Ty to get the rodeo shut down or did Slim?

Town in a Strawberry Swirl by B. B. Haywood

Summer has arrived! But as the community gears up for another festive strawberry-picking season, the villagers are shocked when local berry farmer Miles Crawford is found dead in a hoophouse meat his strawberry fields.  Rumors have been swirling around about a secret real estate deal between Miles and Lydia St, Graves.  And now Lydia is missing after she was seen fleeing the scene of the crime… When Henry “Doc” Holliday becomes involved in the mystery, his daughter Candy , finds herself caught in a jam as well.  But things turn very sticky when Lydia suddenly reappears and asks for Candy’s help in finding the true murderer…

Rumors of the farm being for sale are going around strong. An email sent to Lydia, she is told to delete it after reading. A shovel from Blueberry Acres stirs up a bunch of questions. Is Lydia, Candy or Doc being framed for murder?  What’s in Sapphire Vine’s files?  Will we ever find out? Lots of history on the town throughout this series, I think that is why I keep reading it!