Dead in the Pumpkin Patch by Connie Feddersen 

With her due date only two weeks away, Amanda is ready to do nothing more strenuous than decorate for Vamoose’s annual Festival of the Pumpkin. Nettie Jarvis has promised the mom-to-be all the pumpkins she can haul away. But when Amanda heads for Nettie’s homestead, she finds the old woman sprawled in the pumpkin patch. 

Though her Chief of Police husband warns her not to get involved, Amanda vows to unmask the ghoul who murdered the town’s biggest gossip. And when Nettie’s ghost is seen haunting the Patch, people begin to get edgy. The more things go bump in the night, the more Amanda knows she has a tricky one on her hands, and she’d better find the killer before the killer finds her…

My thoughts:  I enjoyed the books! This whole series was wonderful to me. The characters have grown so much…from the first meeting of Amanda Hazard and office Thorn in the first book , the fights and bickering between the two through the series, till now  Amanda and Thorn are getting ready to have a baby! Exciting ending in that front. Amanda being the Pumpkin Queen…from her outfit to her hair…why does she visit Velma? Her hair always ends in mess. Oh right for the gossip on the victim or suspect! Who will Amanda upset in this one or will she solve the crime and who done it before they do her in? Read it to find out!


Dead in the Hay by Connie Feddersen (Amanda Hazard #7)

  Back of book: Amanda is just settling into married life with her new husband, sexy country cop Nick Thorn, when she’s jolted back to reality by a call from her richest and least favorite client, Harvey Renshaw. Seems the gruff career military man has another oil well interest to discuss at her—and he means now. Amanda decides to drive out to Harv’s ranch and tell him he can drill for a new CPA…where the sun don’t shine. But after tromping her way through a herd of confused cattle, Amanda discovers someone else had a beef with the cranky codger—and a deadly beef at that. Harvey is lying boots down under a ton of hay.

Amanda’s convinced Harvey’s death was no freak farming accident. Never a candidate for most loved man of Vamoose County, his lack of popularity has produced a long list of suspects—everyone from his four ex-wives to a local supplier he stiffed. Trying to ferret out the truth is like searching for clues in a haystack. But as Amanda cuts her way through a field of motives, mysteries in murders accusations, she finds herself smack-dab in the middle of a case that could leave her the prime target for a vindictive killer gone haywire…

My thoughts:

I Love how the murders take place within the first chapter of these books. That way I am sucked into the story with no way to put the book down!

Amanda Hazard and Nick Thorn have been some of my most favorite characters since I started reading cozy mysteries. I have not found a dull plot with them yet. Too bad there is only one more book in the series! 😦

There are many suspects in the story because of one man, the victim. Four ex-wives and a girlfriend all belong in the victims life. Who could’ve killed him and wasn’t really for his money. The victims past involves moving from Air Force Base to Air Force Base and getting married to the next woman, living with his father on the farm as a little boy and taking over the farm after his father dies.  On the farm there are oil wells producing money and he’s getting ready to sign another contract for another well. Oh I forgot cutting out his neighbor for the deal on his new well. So is it one of the ex-wives or the neighbor who did him in. The ending was a surprise for me when it all came together.

I can’t wait to read the next book in the series even though it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to the characters. At least I will be able to say I have finished the whole series! 🙂