A Wee Murder in My Shop by Fran Stewart 

  On book: While on a transatlantic hunt for some authentic wares to sell at her shop, Peggy is looking to forget her troubles by digging through the hidden treasures of the Scottish Highlands. With so many enchanting items on sale, Peggy can’t resist buying a beautiful old tartan shawl. But once she wraps it around her shoulders, she discovers that her purchase comes with a hidden feature: the specter of a 14th-century Scotsman.
Unsure if her Highland fling was real or a product of an overactive imagination, Peggy returns home to Vermont only to find the dead body of her ex-boyfriend on the floor of her shop. When the police chief arrest Peggy’s cousin based on some incriminating evidence, Peggy enlists her haunting  Scottish companion to help figure out who really committed the crime before anyone else gets kilt…

My thoughts: I give this book 3 stars. The book moved too slow for me seem that it took forever for the murder to happen. The ghost drove me nuts. I understand he is from many  years before but his talk and to many questions bugged me. Also the ghost getting all huffy when Harper came around annoyed me!I also didn’t feel any small hometown feel to this book. I didn’t really get a feel for the main characters shop either.  I will read the next in the series hopefully the characters evolve  also hope to learn more about the town and her shop.


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