The Brush-Off (A Hair-Raising Mystery #1) by Laura Bradley

imageOn the book: Make an appointment for intrigue at Reyn Marten Sawyer hair salon! Outrageous, flirtatious and as colorful as a magenta mohawk, Reyn tracks twisted crimes, untangles tight knots and never, ever leaves loose ends.

Someone clearly meant business when they targeted San Antonio’s hair salon king, Ricardo, who was fatally stabbed with a one-of-a-kind weapon: a sharp plastic hair pick.  Reyn had loaned Ricardo the tool–and now she’s not only mourning her friend and mentor’s murder: she’s also a suspect.,  And in the eyes of sexy detective Jackson Scythe, she’s one alluring stylist who should drop her insistent sleuthing like a hot roller.  But Reyn’s wound a little too tight to stay out of the thick of things, including teasing and taming the stubbornly single Scythe while taking short cuts to catch a killer–and uncovering the past of a dead man, whose secrets will make Reyn’s hair curl…

My Thoughts: This is the first in this series and a new author to me. I will definitely have to read the next to see if I warm up to the characters.  The MC seems to have her life in order as far as her salon business.  It seems to be going well. Her and her best friend seemed immature throughout the book.  I really feel that Reyn was when Trudy (who is an interior designer) took her to one of her clients homes.  Granted that since she didn’t know what to expect when she walked in I guess I would have been a little shocked to…but come on you are supposed to be an adult! The plot seemed to be cram with things…like the MC being childish, the detective to me seemed more of a jerk, and the mystery was almost overshadowed by other things going on in the book. It seems to me that the club where Ricardo met with killer would not have been a Drag Queen club.  I guess I might have perceive Ricardo as a different character than the author. I mean if he was so manly and wanted by women all over town why meet there? The characters were so opposite of each other that they did not mix together to make this book interesting for me.  I will try the next to see…

I give this book 3 STARS. It only gets that because I think I could end up liking Reyn and the other characters. Only the next book in the series will tell…

My next book up is…Dog Eat Dog by Laurien Berenson.  It is for book club next month.



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