Pinned for Murder (Southern Sewing Circle #3) by Elizabeth Lynn Casey

imageOn Back of book: Tori Sinclair feels like she’s known her new sewing sisters forever.  That is until the richest and meanest women in Sweet Briar turns up murdered–and Rose the circle’s feisty matriarch, refuses to believe the troubled former student was responsible. With suspicion and gossip spinning out of control, something worse than just ruffled feathers is threatening to tear the town apart…

Now Tori must confront her and her friends’ deepest fears in order to ment fences. And they will need all their skill to pull together loose scraps of clues in order to create the perfect picture of truth…

My thoughts:  I have enjoyed every book that I have read in this series so far!  It had been awhile since I read #2 in the series, but it was easy to pick up with the characters right where I left them.  Tori is an enjoyable character, she does not seem whiney or desperate for attention like some characters can get.  I don’t think she has an annoying tic or thing that has made me roll my eyes, thinking yeah that’s going to happen.  The supporting characters are just as good in these stories too. Most are older retired ladies.  There are the few who have their differences with each other but that is what happens in small towns.  I should know, I live in a small town! I highly suggest reading this series if you haven’t yet.  I’m sure you will fall in love with it too!

Happy reading!!!


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