Biggie and the Mangled Mortician by Nancy bell

On back of book: this time out, as a 12-year-old grandson J.R. narrates, the grande dame of the East Texas town of Job’s Crossing definitely has her hands full. She’s directing and starring in a local production of HMS Pinafore, but just before the first rehearsal, cast member and new town  mortician Monk Carter suddenly takes his final bow. The cause of death is chalked up to either a heart attack or epileptic seizure, although Doc Hooper’s examination shows that the undertake’s ribs were powerfully crushed. Suspects are few and far between, but there’s no stopping Biggie,with JR at her side, as they attempt to bring down the curtain on a crafty killer.Edit

My thoughts: This is book #2 in the Biggie Weatherford series. I really enjoy that these stories are told by J.R. It is funny that children pay attention a lot more than some adults like to admit.  Plus to me just the change from the normal is good. I have laughed more in this series than others, which is hard to believe since it is still early in the series. I will definitely be reading more!  I do question that everyone seems to think Biggie is in charge of everything. I find it hard that people would expect her to solve the crimes. Even the cop expected her too, that just doesn’t happen in real life.  But with all the humor, I think I can handle the next book!

Till next time…keep reading!


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