Slow on the Reading :(

As you can tell by my post, reading anything has been a challenge for me these past couple of months. I seem to be too tired in the evenings because I keep waking up with my finger stuck in my book! I have a feeling that trying to keep up with my 2 month old daughter and 14 year old son might have a little to do with this issue!

I did manage to get two books read though…I have read Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard in April.  I got through the book okay. I was interested in the plot and mystery but had to keep reminding myself that all the characters are high schoolers and most snobs at that. I will eventually read the next in the series but it is not so high on my list unlike others.  I just finished The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan a few days ago.  I really enjoyed this start to this series. This book moved right along and I did not want to put it down. The take on the Gods in this book also was interesting to me.  I’m not sure how to explain that though.  It did have a Harry Potter feel to it but that does nothing to make me not want to read more.  I love the Harry Potter series! I feel that this series will make me feel the same way and can’t wait to read the next one!



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