New Books-January 2015

Don’t forget on January 6, 2015…Release Day!
-A Seamless Murder (Magical Dressmaker’s Series #6) by Melissa Bourbon
-All the President’s Menus (White House Chef Series #8) by Julie Hyzy
-Diners, Drive-Ins, and Death (Comfort Food Mystery #3) by Christie Wenger
-Feta Attraction (Greek to Me Mystery #1) by Susannah Hardy
-For Whom the Bluebell Tolls (Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery Series #2) by Beverly Allan
-Ghost in the Guacamole (Ghost of Granny Apples Mystery Series #5 by Sue Ann Jaffarian
-In Hot Water (Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade #3) by J. J. Cook
-Lie of the Needle (Deadly Notions Mystery Series #3) by Cate Price
-No Ghouls Allowed (Ghost Hunter Mystery #8) by Victoria Laurie
-Scoop To Nuts (Nut House Mystery #2) by Elizabeth Lee
-Snow Way Out (Snow Globe Shop #1) by Christine Husom
-Twisted Threads (Mainely Needlepoint Mystery #1) Lea Wait


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