Katwalk by Karen Kijewski

Kat’s friend Charity Collins dispenses hard-hitting advice in her syndicated column. “Consult Charity,” but when her estranged husband, Sam, depletes their common funds by $200,00,Charity turns to Kat Colorado for help.

Nobody believes that Sam dropped the big bucks at the gambling tables, so Kat takes off for Vegas in search of the truth…and Charity’s half of the money.  Following Sam through a trail of glitz and grime leads right into a rats’ nest of sleazy real estate deals. heavy-hitting mobsters, and contract killings. But Kat’s not about to back off, even though prowling the low life has put her right at the top of the syndicate hit list.

This one ended up being a little more gory than a regular cozy, but I really enjoyed it!  I was hooked form the start.  Dead girl in the bathroom the first night in Vegas, how is she connected to the case? Joe and his wife are more than helpful through out the whole book.  Of course, Joe works for a paper and has to get the story! Throw in a cute cop named Hank and what was the mystery again!  This is Vega with corruption all over it.  From the rezoning laws, that just last vote wasn’t going to change, to the threats and action taken against someone every time you turn around.


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