Bound For Murder by Laura Childs

Carmela is creating custom place settings for a friend’s pre-wedding party at a French Quarter restaurant when she makes a shocking discovery-the intended groom, with a butcher knife protruding from his body.  When the heartbroken bride asks her to look into the case, she can’t say no.  But Carmela soon finds that the victim had a much more shadowy past than he let on, and a menu of malicious meddlers is making thing tougher than day-old gumbo for everyone involved.  Now, Carmela must help her friend pick up the pieces while wrapping up a murder that has more than one lethal loose end. . .

There are a few suspects.  Is it Dunbar Deslauriers, a greedy, self-centered man, who wants to buy the bookstore from the heartbroken bride. Or Margot Butler, who was engaged to the groom a year ago and had a fond love for snakes. Or Blaine Taylor, who created a computer program with the groom, which the groom didn’t want to sell.  As Carmela helps the bride with the bookstore, to find out what the actual inventory is worth, and trying to find the grooms parents grave to give him a proper burial, she is sucked into the mystery of the groom.  She goes to the grooms hometown to find the graves, the old homestead and people who do not want to speak ill of the dead. Plus on top of that she has to deal with Shamus!  Is he serious at the end of the book or not? Or is he just trying to bend Carmela to his liking?

I guess I will find out in the next book!  HAPPY READING!



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