Death and the Icebox by Linda Berry

3.5/5 STARS

I like the bickering between Trudy (the main character) and her cousin Hen.  I realize sometimes that can get a little old in books but it does fit with this one.  It shows me how much Trudy has to put up with and also give me a strong idea of what her character looks like in my mind.

This story in this series deals with a cold case. . .we are talking about one that is 30 years old!  At first, I thought there were a lot of characters that could have committed the murder.  Who is telling the truth?  The family by the name Burkhalter seems to have lots of secrets.  But as I read on, the killer became front and center.  In my mind there was no doubt who it was. That is why I could only give it  3.5 stars.  I will still read the next one in the series and I hope it is better than this! I don’t like figuring out the killer, I like to be surprised!



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